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Rehabilitation ProtocolArthroscopic SLAP Repair.

SLAP Repair. Shoulder SLAP Repair. Indications: To repair the damaged origin of the long head of biceps tendon. Progress to Sports-Specific Rehab. Milestones. Week 6. Full Active range of elevation. Week 12. Full active range of movement with dynamic scapula stability throughout range. Accelerated rehab ACL protocol. SLAP Repair Protocol Arthroscopic labral repair protocols type II, IV and complex tears This protocol has been modified and is being used with permission from the BWH Sports and Shoulder Service. Sling immobilization at all times except for showering and rehab under guidance of PT Range of Motion –AAROM AROM as tolerated o Restrict motion to 140° of Forward Flexion, 40° of External Rotation and Internal Rotation to stomach o No Internal Rotation up the back/No External Rotation behind the head Therapeutic Exercise. Phase 1 – First 3 weeks. Wound care as outlined on the Shoulder Arthroscopy Rehabilitation page; If you have had debridement removal of the damaged tissue but no repair no further rehabilitation is required. Rehabilitation Following SLAP Repair Surgery Kevin E. Wilk, PT, DPT, FAPTA Follow Me on Instagram: Wilk_kevin Rehabilitation SLAP Lesions Key Points: Rehab must match the surgery Non-Operative Rx can often be attempted first and with success Team approach to Rx is key SLAP pain generator? Rehab – think dynamic stabilization.

SLAP lesion Superior Labral Anterior to Posterior tear. These injuries can also occur from trauma, such as falling on your arm, bracing your arm in an accident,armtacklinginfootballorany large sudden force applied to the arm. There are four basic types of SLAP tears.3 A Type II SLAP tear is the most common Humeral head Scapula Bicipital groove. 24/09/2019 · This is the 6th visit with our patient who has been suffering from shoulder pain for a few months now. He started having left shoulder pain after a snatch session. We have progressed out of lower-level rehab and are now in.

Post-op Guidelines. Repair of SLAP Lesion. Definition: SLAP = Superior Labrum, Anterior and Posterior is a lesion that begins posterior in the labrum and extends anteriorly, involving the. SLAP lesion repair often fails, and biceps tenodesis or tenotomy seems to be an acceptable alternative treatment for SLAP lesions. Furthermore, this technique has now become the most preferable treatment for failed SLAP repairs. The indications for biceps tenodesis as the index procedure for a symptomatic SLAP lesion depends on. Bankart and SLAP Repair Post Operative PT Protocol Revised January 2009 Please note that the surgical team may adjust any of these protocols as necessary for each individual patient. The following are guidelines only and physical therapists should contact us if they have any questions they may have. Hours We are open convenient hours for appointments Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. Please call 302-831-8893 to schedule an appointment.

Durham: Rehab and Sports Therapy Center Rehab 3: One High Standard, Three Local Partners For more information go to rehab- SLAP Repair Protocol Weeks one to three Weeks four to six Initial Evaluation Evaluate Posture and position of the shoulder girdle Passive range of motion Inspect for incisional integrity and infection. Posterior Labral Repair Physical Therapy Protocol Phase I: Protection Weeks 0 to 6 Goals •Allow healing of sutured capsule •Initiate early protection range of motion •Retard muscular atrophy •Decrease pain and inflammation Brace • Discontinue use after four weeks unless otherwise advised by Dr. Kendall.

SLAP Tear Rehabilitation - Dr. Laith Jazrawi.

Although good outcomes with SLAP repair over the age of 40 are reported, both age greater than 40 and Workmen's Compensation status have been noted as independent predictors of surgical complications. This is particularly so if there is an associated rotator cuff injury. 23/01/2018 · Surgeons often repair labrum SLAP tears with arthroscopy, in which the doctor makes and works through small cuts in your shoulder. They place a tiny camera in your shoulder joint. This sends images to a bigger screen in the operating room. Using small tools, your surgeon can trim the torn part of your labrum, and then repair or reattach it. Arthroscopic SLAP repair rehabilitation protocol is based on a review of the best available scientific studies regarding shoulder rehabilitation. Contact Dr Shah in Manhattan, NY.

Rehab Practice Guidelines for: SLAP Repair Primary Surgery: Repair of a SLAP lesion, which is an injury of the superior labrum beginning posteriorly and extending anteriorly, stopping before or at the mid-glenoid notch and including the “anchor” of the biceps tendon to the labrum. Slap Type II/ Biceps Tenotomy/tenodesis Repair Protocol p. 2 coffee cup/remote Precautions: No resisted shoulder/elbow movement, no resisted forearm supination Do not push shoulder extension ROM Suggested Exercises: Shoulder and elbow PROM all directions to tolerance SLAP Repair. For Patients who have undergone SLAP repair, use guidelines and timeframe for small cuff tear with good quality repair and tissue i.e., start formal PT at four 4 weeks with following exceptions: Avoid abduction/ER coupled motion for the first six 6 weeks post-op; Avoid biceps resistance exercise for eight 8 weeks post-op. SLAP Repair – Rehabilitation Guidelines Derek Plausinis, MASc, MD, FRCSC _____ 0 to 2 Weeks Post-op • Rest in sling, and sling for sleep • Start passive shoulder range of motion keep the shoulder muscles quiet and let the good arm move the repaired shoulder: o Forward elevation: 90º.

SLAP Lesion - Physiopedia.

SLAP lesion repair may be recommended if pain persists after several months of nonsurgical treatment. The most commonly used procedure for repairing a SLAP lesion is arthroscopy. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small incision and a lighted device with a camera, called an arthroscope, to repair the torn tissue or cartilage. Some SLAP injuries do not require repair with sutures; instead, the biceps tendon attachment is released to relieve painful symptoms. Your surgeon will decide the best treatment option based upon the type of tear you have, as well as your age, activity level, and the presence of.

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